The essential incubator must be simple and intuitive to use, bearing all the features of a “high-tech” incubator whilst being well adapted to the context of a district hospital in the developing world

  • Adapted to local Medical Protocol
  • Resistance to deleterious effects of voltage spikes and ‘unclean’ electricity
  • Thermal Battery to allow the continuous operation of the heating system in spite of electrical black outs and power cuts
  • Resistance to humidity of 98%, temperatures up to 50°C and high levels of dust
  • Low maintenance
  • Quality thermal regulation, maintaining the zone of thermo-neutrality of the newborn
  • Integrated phototherapy unit to treat neonatal jaundice in order to avoid cerebral palsy caused by kernicterus
  • Safe use by untrained staff
  • Largely language-independent, i.e. rely on pictograms
  • ISO certified
  • Locally manufactured

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